How it works

Setup a Yintran account

Go to Yintran

To set up a Yintran account, all you need to do is to register with your email, name and phone number. Yintran would request further information upon usages according to the regulations.

Refill money from bank

Users are able to refill money from their linked bank account to yintran platform anytime with internet. The money would be refilled in one or two business days.

Transfer money to users

Yintran allows all users to transfer money to your friends with their emails instantaneously. You may set auto-transfer for constant transactions, such as monthly membership fee, tuitions, and etc.

Request money from users

Users can send a money request to other users, merchants or user groups. You may monitor the progress in the money request status and send reminders or cancel the requests.

Cash out to bank

Yintran allows users to cash out money from platfrom to their linked bank accounts next business day. All are processed online.


Transation is a newly build-up social function that updates all real time public transactions. You can comment and like all transactions all around Hong Kong. Feel free to let us know if you love it and want new features.

Add friends

Yintran allows you to invite friends through mobile contacts, QR codes and all social network platforms, such as Facebook, Messager, Whatsapp, Email, SMS, and etc.


This function provides all Yintran users with timely artificial support by professional engineers. All messages are well received and would be responsed soon upon receival.


Users are able to access their profile information, bank account, update daily limit, change the languages, wallpapers and logout.